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Lovingly crafted in Ghana

This line of bags, benefitting survivors of human trafficking, is a testament of the hope and healing that can be found through identifying your purpose. We have found our mark. What’s yours?

Ghana Team

Eunice Maku Akiyu-Nartey

Eunice Maku Akiyu-Nartey is a passionate dress designer and fiber artist who founded Eunimak Fashions in Ghana in 1993. Throughout the past 29 years, Eunimak has grown from a local brand to an international label, and through trade fairs and fashion events, Eunice has created custom-made clothing for her clients. Eunice is committed to sustainability, and repurposing scrap fabrics into intricate textile art is a passion of hers, making her a perfect partner for Find Your Mark’s product line. 

Regina Nana Adjoa Asiedua Tenkorang

Regina Nana Adjoa Asiedua Tenkorang has a degree in Agribusiness from the University of Ghana, and she is currently the administrative assistant at Eunimak Fashions. From a young age, she spent time working with her mother, Eunice, at Eunimak Fashions, making outfits for her dolls and learning to sew her own clothes. Nana later moved on to make pencil cases and backpacks for her friends at school, and her skills continued to grow. When Find Your Mark partnered with Eunimak Fashions, Nana jumped at the chance to help. In her free time, Nana enjoys listening to music and trying new recipes.

Emmanuel Assan

Emmanuel Assan is currently serving as an apprentice at Eunimak Fashion while completing his university degree in Fashion Designing and Textiles. Emmanuel is from the central region of Ghana, and his enthusiasm and ambition make him an excellent partner. He especially enjoys sewing the Find Your Mark tote bags for our special product line. 

Doris Winifred Yaa Nelingaboh

Doris Winifred Yaa Nelingaboh is also serving as an apprentice at Eunimak Fashion. Having graduated from Adidome Senior High School in Ghana, she dreams of pursuing a career in fashion. Partnering with Find Your Mark and Eunimak Fashions is her first step in doing so, and we can’t wait to see what new designs Doris creates.

Anin Emmanuel

Anin Emmanuel has a passion for fine art. He began working with Touch A Life in 2013. Emmanuel went back to school to pursue a higher education in Graphics, Textile (Batik and tie & dyes) Jewelry Art and Picture Making in the University Education, Winniba, and graduated in 2021. He currently teaches Information Technology and Creative Arts at the Touch A Life Home School. As an accomplished artisan, Emmanuel serves as a role model for budding artists and teaches them skills for producing and selling their own art.


Hawa Yamusah

Hawa Yamusah joined Touch A Life in 2012 as a cook. She trained as a seamstress before coming to TAL, so it was a natural transition for Hawa to move to sewing assistant when the sewing and batik departments were established in 2015. She quickly became the lead for the sewing unit. Hawa looks for ways to incorporate other tribal patterns and textures into her work from across the country. Her current duties include sewing all uniforms and performing alterations for all of the children’s uniforms at the Care Center. Her passion for fashion design really shines when she’s able to create custom dresses for the older girls or staff. She is married with three sons.


Pam Cope

Pam Cope is the Co-Founder of Touch A Life and the author of Jantsen’s Gift, a powerful memoir published in three foreign markets. Pam has been committed to a life of purpose since losing her oldest son in 1999. That life of purpose has been organically taking shape in the most creative ways.

From the streets of Saigon to the adventures of West Africa, Pam firmly believes that the world can be changed one child at a time. Pam lives in Arkansas with her husband and TAL’s Co-Founder, Randy. She has four children – Jantsen, Crista, Van & Tatum.

Anne White

Anne White has been involved in Touch A Life since early 2016 when she took her first trip to Ghana to meet the TAL children. From that point on, she was hooked! Anne is the owner of Anne White Designs, a marketing and graphic design company in the Dallas, Texas area. Her clients are predominantly from the interior design and architecture industry, but she also has a passion for helping women-owned small businesses create and market their vision and brand. She has an eye for design and a passion to empower others to use their talents and skills to enrich their lives. Anne loves to spend time at the lake and travel with her husband, Bradley, and their son, Griffin.

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown is the Development Director for Touch A Life. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pepperdine University with a degree in Journalism and it was at her alma mater where she met Pam Cope. After traveling to Ghana with Pam in August 2008, Rachel was brought on board to manage special projects, craft donor communication strategies, and organize volunteer efforts for the organization. She loves meeting and engaging new supporters, leading trips to Ghana for volunteer groups, and dreaming up new ways to share TAL’s story. Rachel lives in McKinney, Texas, with her husband, three daughters (Ruby, Vera, and Alice), and their adorably large English mastiffs.

Angie Dickerson

Angie Dickerson is a registered nurse by trade, but works daily as head nurse and wife/mom to her husband, Kevin, and four children in the hills of rural Oklahoma. Angie and Kevin travel frequently to Ghana to support Touch A Life’s sustainability and school projects, and they love staying connected to the birthplace of their youngest son, Josiah. In addition to managing Find Your Mark’s social media accounts, Angie loves filling her time with her kids’ sporting events and musical theater shows, travel, and sweet time with family.

Sarah Mast

Sarah Mast is an award-winning Digital Art Director for The High Road Agency, based in her hometown, Johnson City, TN. To her, her job is more than designing annual reports, crafting full marketing campaigns, and building websites: it is sharing a story that needs to be told or raising awareness about issues that many never knew existed. She was introduced to the Touch A Life family in 2018 and traveled to the Care Center that fall where she gained a new understanding of the importance of sharing Touch A Life’s story and vision. Living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and having a love for nature photography, she often finds herself on the many nearby hiking trails.

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