How we are being Responsible

Fair Trade

Fair trade means that producers and employees in developing countries are being compensated fairly for their work. We believe in empowering our employees through fair pay and safe working conditions. We believe in providing them with the tools they need to achieve their goals and dreams. We believe that the employees at Find Your Mark should not only be able to earn fair, living wages in excellent working conditions, but that they also should be provided with the foundation to meet—and exceed—their career goals.


The products in Find Your Mark’s line are all handmade in Ghana by our amazing team of artisans. Our Kumasi-based team is dedicated to creating the unique batik fabrics that serve as inner lining and label accents on the bags. They hand-dye the cloth and dream up fun new patterns for the batik stamps that they craft on site in Kumasi. Then, our Accra-based team creates the bags, using mudcloth sourced within West Africa, leather sourced in Ghana, and the batik fabrics created by our artisans in Kumasi.


Our goal at Find Your Mark is to be good stewards of the resources at our disposal. We strive to reuse, repurpose, and recycle materials as much as possible. Many of the batik fabric pieces created in Kumasi are used for a variety of purposes, and we are often able to use scraps leftover from the bags to make other textiles that can be used to benefit the children living at the Touch A Life Care Center.

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